Rules Of The Game

1. Each numbered Square you pick costs $10.00 each.

2. You can pick one Square, or as many as you'd like.

3. Each "player" will be listed on the board, on the numbered Square(s) they have chosen.

4. Once ALL the Squares have been picked and paid for, the numbers will be randomly selected from a hat
and listed one at a time on the Square Board.

5. I will always have the Square Sheet on me, so your squares can be "reserved" in person or by e-mail.
Squares can be reserved before payment arrives, however, payments must be recieved for the "reserved"
square(s), within 7 days of the reserved date of the square(s).

6. After 7 Days without a payment, the square(s) reserved, will become available for others to purchase.

7. To make it a little more easy for those of you onthe islands, (and because I will know most of you) I will accept checks and of course, cash.
All checks must clear before game day (Feb 5th)

8. All "Square Costs" can be handed to me or mailed to "Steven Tracy - 88 Wermuth Road. - So. Portland, Maine 04106"

9. Because we are also using the internet to fill the Square Board, there is a possibility of people asking for the
same square. In the event that happens, I will go by the "first come, first served" rule, and let the other person know that
Square is not available and that they may chose another "open" Square.

10. The Square Board Will Be Updated Daily so everyone will know what Squares have been reserved, paid for, or available.

11. The WINNER'S LINK will be updated after the game to show the name of each winner, in each quarter.

How To Get Your Winnings

1. Each winner will be responsible for making the trip here to collect their cash winnings.

2. Don't forget to include your phone number with your payment for the squares you purchase. I will call the winners
that evening to congradulate them and ask how they would like to receive their winnings.

3. If you would like your winnings mailed to you, I will send you a personal check from my account at Portland Regional Credit Union.
The funds for the check will be available the same day.